Try It Tuesday with Heirmlom Stills Photography

It's another Try It Tuesday with Heirloom Stills Photography! I had such a wonderful experience with Heidi from the start! Once we got the date down, she scheduled a consultation over the phone with me to get to know me more. She made me feel so comfortable from the start, we talked about some of my favorite things and what I like to do, to help her prepare some of the backdrop ideas and overall ensure I had a comfortable experience. This is something she always does, so trust you would get the same experience! We picked out some outfits from my closet, I packed my bag with clothes, shoes, hats and accessories and headed to the studio in Dover!

The session: WOW! Such a fun experience! She even had country music playing for me when I arrived and fresh baked cookies! We had a ton of fun in my one-hour session. She made me feel comfortable, even outside of my comfort zone and I felt like I had the opportunity to just let loose! We all have our insecurities, for me it's my arms, and in this moment, I put that aside and Heidi helped me step up and step out, smile and find the beauty within. She will do the same for you, I promise! After our session was done, John was working his magic behind the scenes. They gave me a photo box with some original photos in to take home. I thought that was so cool to have something to take home that day, you will too! And it wasn't long before I had the final digital copies in my email and they sent me the most beautiful photo book as a keepsake!

Take a peak at some of my photos below!

Heirloom Stills is your go to place for all your photography needs! They are a locally owned photography studio and their mission is to empower by celebrating the beautiful, artful human masterpiece. Heirloom Stills offers a unique and high value experience and superb quality wall art products to the Dover, Delaware area. Heirloom Stills offer’s school pictures and senior portraits along with your annual family and holiday portraits! Come and Capture moments that will last for a lifetime! For all your photography needs give them a call at 302-514-7295 or visit them online at

Thank you Heidi and John for such a wonderful experience and allowing me to feel beautiful! I can't wait to do some family pictures next and even schedule Lucy a session (yes, they do pets!)

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