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Hacks to Stop Snoring

Young man snoring, woman covering face with pillow

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In a recent survey, 56% of people said they snore or have a partner who does . . . and 54% of them have tried various hacks to try to cut back on snoring. And the range of tips and tricks is ALL over the place.

Some of the most popular things people have tried include:

Using extra pillows . . . buying "anti-snore" pillows . . . drinking more water . . . nasal strips . . . nasal sprays . . . saline rinses and sprays . . . decongestants . . . taking a hot shower before bed . . . and using a mouthguard. 

Others include: Avoiding alcohol before bed . . . avoiding alcohol completely . . . drinking alcohol before bed . . . sleeping sitting up . . . and sleeping backward, with your head at the foot of the bed.

And then there's the WEIRDER hacks, which may be randomly discovered brilliance, or just social media silliness: Taping your mouth . . . putting a peg on your nose . . . spreading thyme oil on your feet . . . and putting a tennis ball in your PJs to stop you lying on your back.

Unfortunately, it's unclear how much success people have had with this stuff.

On average, the people in the survey would spend $40 a month to improve their snoring . . . or they'd shell out $340 if it meant it would stop for good.

17% of people are spending money, seeking help from medical professionals . . . but 61% say that while they might try a potential remedy here and there, they've come to accept that it's never going to go away forever.

Source:  SWNS

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