These Four Changes Can Help a "Night Owl" Become a "Morning Person"

Freshly woken up young woman enjoying the morning sun rays.

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Even morning people can feel groggy on Mondays. But if you're someone who OFTEN has trouble in the morning, this is for you . . . A new study at Baylor looked at the differences between "night owls" and "morning people" . . . and whether it's possible to BECOME a morning person.

The researchers behind it say genetics do have a lot to do with it. Some of us are just pre-programmed to stay up later than others. But they found there are a few lifestyle choices that can make mornings even harder.

They followed the sleep habits of 858 college students for a year. 

Here are the top four things you should avoid if you want to be a morning person . . .

1.  Put your phone down, and turn off the TV. Don't use any electronics too close to your bedtime. And definitely not while you're IN bed.

2.  Only drink coffee in the A.M. Avoid caffeine for at least six hours before bed.

3.  Don't take long naps. 30 minutes might be okay. But if you nap much longer than that, you're more likely to have trouble sleeping that night.

4.  Don't exercise in the evening. Too much physical activity can keep you up. So morning or afternoon workouts are better.

 Source: Baylor University

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