French's Mustard Donuts Are A Thing

French's Mustard

Photo: Getty Images

Here's a good news, bad news story: You might be able to snag some FREE DONUTS this weekend. Now the bad news . . . they're MUSTARD donuts.  

French's mustard is doing a giveaway for National Mustard Day this Saturday.

You can get two mustard-flavored donuts sent to you by mail if you log onto at exactly 9:00 A.M. Eastern. They're also handing them out at six locations in New York City.

Each one is a classic glazed donut drizzled in a, quote, "savory yellow mustard coating" and topped with mustard cake crumbles.

If you don't get one, they also posted recipes online to make your own mustard donuts at home. 

Source: Food & Wine / Chew Boom

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