Couple Gives Thousands To Supermarket Staff After $1M Lottery Win

A couple in Maine is sharing the wealth after getting lucky in the lottery. Glenn Theriault and his fiancée Stephanie Lemieux hit it big, winning a $1-million jackpot, and they paid it forward by giving a couple thousand to the supermarket staff members who assisted them with buying their tickets.

Their win was even sweeter because, like a lot of people, 2020 was tough on the couple. But things started to look up for them even before they bought those scratch-off tickets. Their business is doing really well, and Stephanie found out she’s expecting a baby, after being told that she couldn’t have children. But after scratching off the 11th of 25 lottery tickets, Glenn found they had hit it big and the couple returned to the Food City store to generously share some of their new fortune.

Glenn and Stephanie gave $1,000 to the cashier who sold them the winning ticket and another thousand to the store manager. “They were in shock and couldn’t believe it,” she recalls. “The cashier began to cry and couldn’t speak. It was such a great feeling.”

Source: Fox News