No Sitting On Santa's Lap This Christmas

Children everywhere WON'T have to be traumatized by sitting on Santa's lap this year for the sake of an overpriced mall photo.

Most malls around the country are making their Christmas plans. And those plans DO include Santa . . . but DON'T include sitting on his lap

They're planning to hold no-contact Santa visits including masks, plexiglass dividers, and photos from six feet away. Some malls will even have Santa sit inside a giant snow globe, or be behind a giant picture frame.

And in some areas, Santas will be available for Zoom calls with kids who don't feel safe coming to the mall.

The big reason for doing this is mall Santas' health. According to a guy who runs a Santa school in Atlanta, quote, "Santas are typically in a minimum of two high-risk categories . . . over age 65 and overweight." 

(CBS 3 - Philadelphia)