Benny's Picks: March 25th 2020

A quick 2:50 jam starts us off! This song from Jordan Gray gives me linkin park like vibes with the music. It's just an absolute jam! A blend of hip hop, house music and country music! And one killer workout song! I crushed my cardio jamming to this single!

Leah Turner is just the best! One of country music's best kept secrets! I can't get enough of Leah's raspy voice, it is so full of emotion, life, and packs that extra punch that not just anyone has. Leah has energy and that radiates through Take The Keys unlike anything else!

Alright, I have been in love with Tyler Farr for a long time! It kills me he doesn't get more radio play, because this dude has soooo much talent. Farr packs everything you want in a headliner. He writes jams, has an amazing voice and just has this swagger about him! Only Truck in Town is yet another vintage Farr tune that just perfectly captures all that Tyler brings to the table!

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