"Hometown Bar" Featuring Jason Aldean and Jimmy Fallon

There is nothing like going home for the holidays. What better place to catch up with old friends than at the neighborhood dive bar? Well,Jason Aldean and Jimmy Fallon took advantage of being home for Thanksgiving and hung out at a local dive bar.

The two found themselves singing at their "local dive" when it was time to take a break from their families on the night before Thanksgiving.

In the video, the pair sing a tune describing all the changes they see in their old classmates and neighbors from years ago. "Pies are in the oven, gosh I love my folks but I'm gettin' sick of 'em," says Jason as he escapes his family for the evening and enters the bar.

They went on to pay tribute to many characters from their past, including an old math teacher, the weird guy who never wore pants, and the classmate who was valedictorian but is now dancing on the bar. 

Jason's ninth album, "9," dropped on November 22. He's set to hit the road on the "We Back Tour" in 2020.

Source: Jimmy Fallon

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