Weird News: Tuesday August 13th


A fugitive in Germany has been nabbed thanks to the help of angry wasps.

Oldenburg police said the unusual sting operation took place Monday after officers tried to arrest a 32-year-old man to serve an outstanding 11-month custodial sentence.


A superintendent at a public school system in Georgia announced that he would donate his entire $10,000 bonus to help high school seniors with their college application fees.

Grant Rivera, 44, of Marietta, told "Good Morning America" that he received the bonus after his district met certain performance standards, but he "didn't feel it was fair for me as superintendent to profit off the backs of our teachers."


A North Carolina man credited a good deed with leading him down the path to winning a $349,027 lottery jackpot.


When it comes to Americans' preferred alcoholic beverage, it appears wine is losing popularity, a new survey showed Friday.

Spirits have essentially tied wine for second place, Gallup said in the poll, which asked Americans last month to name their favorite alcoholic drink. Perhaps not surprisingly, beer kept its long-held ranking as the top choice -- but liquor closed in on wine for the No. 2 spot. Thirty percent named wine, and 29 percent liquor. Nearly 40 percent tabbed beer.



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