Off The Cuff: 21 Day Fix, Accountability & New Recipes


Hi guys!

Thanks for stopping by my page and taking a listen to Off The Cuff podcast! This week, I am getting back from vacation and 4th of July, so trying to get back in the swing of things! This week I started a new program ... 21 Day Fix with Beachbody and OMG ... let me tell you. I am LOVING it! My sister in-law introduced it to me and although I was hesitant at first, thinking I didn't want to "commit" to a program, I was wrong as soon as I did one of the workouts with her! I am only on Day 3, but really liking it and feeling it for sure!

I also talk about the importance of a accountability group and connect yourself with others who have similar goals or wanting to live a healthy life. That has been so successful for me and fun to connect with others on that level, share inspiration and help each other every day. If you are looking for a partner, message me!

I also couldn't resist sharing some new recipes :) This week I tried, baked bell pepper tacos, simple garlic shrimp and mini veggie egg cups. Below are the links to the recipes if you want to give them a try! YUM!

Baked Bell Pepper Tacos (CLICK HERE)

Simple Garlic Shrimp (CLICK HERE)

Mini Veggie Egg Cups (YouTube video below)



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