Tips On How To Raise A Successful Kid

If asked, most parents would likely admit they want their kids to grow up to be a successful person, but raising them to be one isn’t always easy. While in some cases it may just be luck, there is some science behind some steps you could take to make the likelihood of it happening a little stronger.

Steps to raise a successful kid include:

  • Teach them to seek small wins – Research suggests you should teach kids the small steps it takes to get people to agree with you. Have them learn not to jump to the end of an argument, and instead build to a successful outcome. 
  • Teach them to focus on positive outcomes – Stick to positive outcome statements, which are more persuasive. If something involves change, teach them to stress the positives of it, not the negative aspects of it. 
  • Teach them to dare to take a stand – People are persuaded by confidence, so teach them to be bold, not to “think” something will work out, but to “believe” it. And also encourage them to stand behind their opinions.
  • Teach them to understand the way others prefer to process information – Not everyone will be ready to make decisions as quickly as some, so teach kids to learn and respect other folks’ process, and they’ll likely get the answers they want.
  • Teach them not to be afraid to show a little emotion – There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, even if that means you show emotion, whether it’s happiness or even frustration. Teach your kids that showing your feelings, even in the form of an occasional curse word, is okay, in the right setting that is. 
  • Teach them to share bad with the good – It’s always smart to look at both sides of an argument, so teach your kid to respect other perspectives and outcomes, address objections others may be considering, and meet them head on. 
  • Teach them to not just say they're right. Teach them to be right – Getting your message out there is what’s important, so teach your kids to be clear, concise and to the point, and to be able to back their wins with data, reasoning and conclusions that can’t be disputed.

Source: INC

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