Mom Stiffs Babysitter Over “Easy” Kids

Unless you can get a grandparent or friend to watch your kids, it’s expected that you shell out money, and usually a lot, to get a good babysitter. Well, apparently one mom didn’t get the message, and her refusal to pay a sitter has now gone viral.

A recent post on Reddit revealed a text exchange between a mom and a babysitter named Kristen, in which Kristen attempts to get her ALREADY reasonable $16 an hour payment for eight hours of work watching two kids. The mom’s refusal is as infuriating as it is unreal.

  • First the mom claims she “wasn’t aware payment was involved,” noting Kristen got “free ice cream and a day of fun.”
  • Then when Kristen reminds her that they discussed payment, the mother said she "didn’t remember" the texts. Kristen sent her screen shots. But then things got even worse.
  • The woman offered to give Kristen $20...again...FOR EIGHT HOURS! When Kristen said no and demanded the $128 she was owed the mom had the nerve to write, “I am not paying $128 for a single day! These kids are easy.”
  • Kristen still tried to be cool - and said she’d accept $100 but the mom persisted and blocked her and told her never to contact her again.

Kristen eventually contacted the woman’s husband, and even threatened legal action, and was now expected to get her payment, but somehow we think this woman is going to have a hard time finding babysitters ever again.

Source: Working Mother

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