This Woman Is Charging Her Family For Christmas Dinner

When you host Christmas dinner, even if everyone brings something, you're still going to wind up on the hook for buying a LOT of food.  So, is this move TACKY . . . or genius?

A woman in England posted on a parents' website a few days ago about her mother-in-law CHARGING for Christmas dinner this year.  She wants about $21 per person from EVERYONE.

Oh . . . and it's not because she feels like she should be paid for the cooking.  She's charging because she's getting carry-out which is more expensive.

So . . . is that fair?  Or is it ridiculous?  The responses to the woman's post are split right down the middle . . . and both sides are very passionate.

But one person DID take a fairly level-headed middle ground approach that's worth sharing.  Quote, "People who see it as charging family are horrified, people who see it as sharing costs don't see the issue."  

(The Takeout)


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