iHeart Cares with Christa Cooper

I’ve started a mission and with the help of my iHeart team at WDSD we’ve created “iHeart Cares” an opportunity for YOU to join me (and us) in giving back to the community. Ever since I started at WDSD back in 2010, we have been heavily involved in giving back to the community in many different ways. This is certainly not new to us, but a way to have you join us in our efforts.  Together, we can do amazing things! In the past, I have volunteered with several non-profits and organizations and many of you have reached out wanting to help too, so I thought why not get a team together and combine our efforts.  We'll call this ... #TEAMDOGOOD a team of people that want to join me in doing good in the community. 

To start, I have my first event happening Thursday, Nov 15th at the Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington. Join my team in helping pack boxes for needy families for the holidays. I need 2 hours of your time from 4-6pm! Grab a friend, co-worker, spouse, sibling, cousin or teen and join me.  

Interested? Email me at Christa@wdsd.com for more details and to be one of the first 10 people I need on my team.  Maybe we'll all wear matching tee-shirts :)  Hope to hear from y’all soon! #iheartcares #teamdogood 

For more on the Sunday Breakfast Mission visit www.sundaybreakfastmission.org 



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