Superpowers Kids Want Most

"Highlights" magazine posted results from its 10th annual "State of the Kid" survey.  And the best question this year was about SUPERPOWERS.  Here are the seven superpowers kids want most.  And #5 is pretty amazing . . .

1.  Flying or teleporting, 27%.  Not sure why they combined those two.

2.  Invisibility, 10%.

3.  Mental powers like mind control, or moving things with your mind, 9%.

4.  Super speed, 7%.

5.  A superpower that would allow you to make the world a better place, 6%.

6.  Super strength, 5%.

7.  Magical powers, like Harry Potter, also 5%.  The remaining 31% listed various other superpowers they'd want to have.  

The survey also asked kids to name "a person you admire or respect."  And TEACHERS were the most popular answer, followed by family members, celebrities, and friends. 


Today's Poll: Which power would YOU want? Flying or Invisibility? Poll is up now on our Facebook page or Twitter @947WDSD


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