More Words Added to the Game Scrabble

Scrabble just added 300 words to its official dictionary for the first time in four years.

And one of those 300 words is the holy grail of Scrabble:  A word that uses the letter Q without a U after it.  The word is qapik, and it's a coin in Azerbaijan.

Scrabble also added a couple of new two-letter words, which can also be REALLY useful when you're playing.  Those words are "ok" and "ew."  Yeah, it turns out "ok" wasn't a legal Scrabble word for the past century.  Who knew?

Some other words they added that use valuable letters like z, q, x, and j are:  Zen . . . yowza . . . bizjet . . . emoji . . . zomboid . . . and aquafaba.  

And finally, they added some words to "modernize" the game, like facepalm . . . bestie . . . sheeple . . . puggle . . . hivemind . . . and twerk. 

(USA Today)


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