WDSD Listener Appreciation Day

Listener Appreciation Day

How EXCITING! This Monday, September 17th is Listener Appreciation Day! A day to honor YOU, the listener for making us your #1 choice for Country! We're going commercial free from 9a-6p! Make sure you have us turned up whether your in the car, at home or at work! And everywhere you go on the iHeartRadio App! 

Here's the deal ... because it's a day to honor you, we'd love to give you a shout-out! SO, head to our Facebook page and add your name/comment to our LAD post.  You can also tweet to us @947WDSD for a shout-out.  And, for those whose go-to is Instagram, you can add your name/comment on our LAD Post there as well. 

Listener Appreciation Day starts at 9am Monday on 94.7 WDSD! Can't wait! 


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