A Woman Steals Back Her Stolen Car

 This is one hell of a car theft chain reaction right here.

A woman in Delta Township, Michigan had her Lexus stolen last week.  So she got herself a rental car as the police investigated.

The next day, she was driving in her rental when she saw her Lexus parked at a convenience store.  So she pulled into the parking lot and hopped into her car to steal it back.  (We're not sure if she had a spare key or what . . .)

It turns out the person who stole her car was an 18-year-old named Jaysean Porter.  And when he got out of the convenience store and saw the woman stealing back her stolen Lexus, he responded by . . . stealing her rental car.

The cops finally tracked him down in the stolen rental about 85 miles away.

He was charged with unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle and carjacking.  The woman won't be facing any charges for stealing back her Lexus. 

(Lansing State Journal)


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