Annoying Clichés We Use At Work

posted by Christa Cooper -

 We need to start thinking outside the box to come up with better stuff to say in meetings.

According to a new survey, 72% of us sometimes use annoying cliché phrases at work, even though we should know better.  And here are the ones we say the most . . .

1.  Give 110%

2.  Think outside the box

3.  Hammer it out

4.  Heavy lifting

5.  Throw you under the bus

6.  Don't count your chickens before they've hatched

7.  Pushing the envelope

8.  Let the cat out of the bag

9.  Let's circle back

10.  Win-win situation

Some phrases that just missed the top 10 are:  Synergy . . . back to the drawing board . . . paradigm shift . . . touch base . . . I'll loop you in . . . and team player. 

(Fox News)



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