Best & Worst States for Women

Women's History Month

As Womens History Month winds down, WalletHub conducted an in-depth analysis of the Best & Worst States for Women.

Best States for Women

1. Minnesota

2. Massachusetts

3. Vermont

4. Maryland

5. New Hampshire

6. Maine

7. Connecticut

8. Hawaii

9. Delaware

10. Wisconsin

Worst States for Women

41. Wyoming

42. Idaho

43. Nevada

44. Georgia

45. West Virginia

46. South Carolina

47. Oklahoma

48. Louisiana

49. Mississippi

50. Arkansas

More statistics to know:

  • The median earnings for female workers (adjusted for cost of living) are two times higher in the District of Columbia than in Hawaii.
  • The unemploymentrate for women is four times higher in Nevada than in North Dakota.
  • The percentage of women living in poverty is three times higher in Mississippi than in New Hampshire.
  • The share of women-owned businesses is two times higher in the District of Columbia than in South Dakota.
  • The high schooldropout rate for women eight times higher in Arizona than in New Hampshire.
  • The female uninsured rate is seven times higher in Texas than in Massachusetts.


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