Bride's Dress Was "Too Expensive to Wear Once" So She Cut and Dyed It


A woman decided to cut and dye her wedding dress green so that she can keep wearing it. 36-year-old Emma Male got married in a $616 dress for her 2016 wedding. She said, “It was the first designer dress I tried and as soon as I put it on I just loved it." After the wedding was over, Male was sad that she would never be able to wear the dress again -- which led her to cutting and dyeing the dress. Male said that the dress was too "expensive a dress to just wear once." She said, “When I first saw it going into the green dye, it looked so dark. I thought ‘Oh my god. What am I doing?’” She added, “But I absolutely love it. It gets so much attention but nobody recognizes it from when we got married. My husband does, but that’s only because I go on about it all the time." (Fox News)


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