#TryItTuesday w/ D&T Heating and Cooling

It's another Try It Tuesday! This week I had a pleasure of joining Mark from D&T Heating and Cooling on a reliability inspection at a customers house. Now to be honest, I don't know much about HVAC, but Mark sure does so I learned a TON when it comes to the importance of keeping up with maintenance on your systems. How is it that your system always seems to fail on either the coldest day of the winter or hottest day in the summer? You can't plan it, but you can prepare for the season with a 29-point inspection from my friends at D&T Heating and Cooling. Also, as you will see in the video above, that without maintenance, you may not see what's really going on and with a simple crack you could be leaking carbon monoxide into your home and not even know it! SCARY STUFF!!!

They have done work at my house and every time my husband and I are so impressed by their customer service and work. We are actually looking at replacing our unit at our house with D&T, so stay tuned for more on that!

You can trust my friends at D&T Heating and Cooling, they are true professionals in their line of work and will respect you and your home. Call them like I did for a reliability inspection just in time for spring at 302-838-6905 or find them online at www.dtheatingandcooling.com