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Exploring Disney Junior’s Ariel with Mykal-Michelle Harris, Taye Diggs & Ly

Ever wondered how a fresh take on a beloved Disney character comes to life? Discover the magic behind Disney Junior's brand-new series, "Ariel," in this captivating episode of Pop Culture Weekly. Join Kyle McMahon as he chats with groundbreaking executive producer Lynn Southerland about how she expanded Ariel's adventurous and warm-hearted nature for a new generation. Dive into the casting secrets with stars like Taye Diggs and Mykal-Michelle Harris and hear firsthand how Southerland made history directing "Mulan 2."

That's not all—Kyle is also joined by the talented Mykal-Michelle Harris herself, who gives us an insider's look at the thrill and responsibility of voicing the iconic Ariel. Learn how she infuses Ariel with her unique touch and why diversity in the show matters deeply to her. The episode wraps up with an engaging discussion with Taye Diggs, who shares his journey portraying King Triton and his illustrious career in theater and film. This episode is a treasure trove for Disney fans and anyone fascinated by the magic of storytelling and animation.

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