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There's Now an Alarm to Prevent You from Daydreaming

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How long before companies use this to squeeze even more work out of us? Researchers in Japan have come up with a new type of alarm that prevents you from DAYDREAMING.

It tracks your brainwaves . . . can tell when your mind starts to wander . . . and plays an alarm sound to make you focus again.

In the study, they put electrodes on people's heads, and gave them a simple 20-minute task where they had to hit a button when numbers flashed on a screen.

When their mind wandered, they heard a tone play, but didn't know what it meant. The researchers said to ignore it. But even then, it still worked. Their minds only wandered 44% of the time, compared to 55% when they didn't hear the tones.

If 44% sounds high, it is. But it's not abnormal. Other studies have found that in general, we're thinking random thoughts anywhere from 25-to-50% of the time. For some people, it's even higher.

They're hopeful the alarm is something we'll WANT to use to stay focused, not something we'll be forced to use. 

 Source: Daily Mail / NY Post

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