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It's another Try It Tuesday! This week I had a blast at Pike Creek Dental attempting my best to be a Dental Hygienist for the day! I will start by thanking my good friend and colleague Shanon, for volunteering to be my patient! This was all just for fun, no procedures were "actually" performed nor was anyone hurt while filming this video. We sure had FUN though! It was a pleasure working with Jen, Dana, Dr. Green and the staff at Pike Creek Dental. They are all super friendly, knowledgeable, professional and make you feel so comfortable.

I have recently made the switch to Pike Creek Dental and couldn't be happier! I had my first appointment with Dr. Robinson, which was great. He mentioned he specializes in Sleep Apnea, which is something I have been thinking about lately, like do I have it? I have been battling some issues myself, I know I clench my jaw at night, so much that I wake up and it's sore and my husband has told me I snore pretty bad at times. I was interested in learning more, which lead to an at home sleep study which was simple! I slept one night and returned the equipment so they could retrieve the results. Fast forward to last week in which I went in for an appointment to go over my results ... guys ... turns out I stop breathing 6 times an hour!!! WHAT??? I knew I wanted to find out more but WHAT? I just wasn't expecting those results! I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea, there are many different levels, but all things considered it's a scary thought! I could sit back and do nothing about it, but I want to be proactive in taking care of myself and live my best life and now I know I am in the best hands. Dr. Robinson is one of the few dentists in the area who has had specialized training in treating patients who suffer from sleep apnea. To find out more or info on how you can schedule your complimentary consultation CLICK HERE.

I will continue to share my story with you along the way ... as for now, enjoy the video above of me giving it my best show as a Dental Hygienist and call Pike Creek Dental for your next appointment at 302-239-0410 or visit them online at www.pikecreekdental.com

If this radio thing doesn't work out ... looks like I may have an opportunity as a Dental Hygienist :)

Christa Cooper

Christa Cooper

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