A Woman Is Hiring Someone to Make Every Decision for Her for a Month

A woman in England just posted a job listing online looking for someone to make EVERY decision for her for a month.

She says she was inspired by "Black Mirror" on Netflix . . . if you haven't heard about this, they made a choose-your-own-adventure movie called "Bandersnatch" where you make every decision for a person's life.

The woman says, quote, "I lost money to an old friend, got stranded without any money in New Zealand, was in an abusive relationship for six months before I got dumped, then got mugged because I took a shortcut home.

"I am obviously completely incapable of making the right choices by myself."

So she wants to pay someone $2,600 to make every single decision for her for a month. Quote, "Who I should go on a Tinder date with [because] I have terrible taste in men, what I should spend my savings on, among other things."

There's no word if she's found the right person yet. And hey, if she wants to hire me, my first decision is: When it comes to spending your savings, don't spend $2,600 on someone to make decisions for you.

( Daily Mirror )

Christa Cooper

Christa Cooper

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