28 Slightly Messed Up Things Moms Have Secretly Done

BuzzFeed has put together a list of slightly screwed up things that most moms have secretly done. GUILTY HERE! :) :) 

Here are 10 - CLICK HERE to see the full list 

  1. You've picked the picture where you looked best to post on social media, even if it was the shot where your kid was looking crazy.
  2. You've thrown away your kid's "art," and if they saw it in the trashcan, you totally acted like it was an accident. 
  3. You've picked mom friends based on who has the same interests as you, not the same interest as your kid. (Example: If Kylie's mom likes wine, your kid and Kylie are new BFFs.)
  4. You've counted swimming as a bath.
  5. You've told your kid the food was "spicy" because you didn't want to share. 
  6. You've told your kid a store was "closed" so you wouldn't have to go. 
  7. You've taken money out of your kid's piggy bank when you didn't have cash. 
  8. You've gone through the drive-thru without your kid and eaten in your car so you can enjoy a few minutes of dining alone. 
  9. You've gotten a sample for "your kid" at Costco when it was really just so you could have another one. 
  10. You've said "uh huh" to something your kid asked when you actually weren't listening at all.   
Christa Cooper


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