Amazon Baby Registry OOPS!


Several Amazon customers were left confused on Tuesday after they received emails about purchases made from their baby registry. The reason for the confusion? Most of those receiving the email don't have a baby registry, let alone plans to have a baby. The email from the Amazon Baby Registry Team featured a photo of a diapered child and and informed recipients that "a gift is on the way." Many customers took to Twitter to express their bewilderment. "Amazon just told me someone bought something off my baby registry. Um. Excuse me, Amazon, do you know something I don't know?" one tweeted. Meanwhile, a male user who received the email joked, "This would be a helluva way to let me know, Atalie." Amazon has since issued a statement blaming the alerts on a technical glitch. "We apologize for any confusion this may have caused," a spokesperson said in a statement. 

Christa Cooper


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