This sign language interpreter is on point


An American Sign Language interpreter has gone viral after his animated performance at a Florida press conference about Hurricane Irma over the weekend. As Florida Gov. Rick Scott told residents how to prepare for Irma, the animated interpreter bulged his eyes, grimaced and stuck his tongue out. He also waved what looked like jazz hands as Scott discussed water that "flows in fast, very fast." Twitter was riveted. "Is anybody else mesmerized by the sign language interpreter on CNN right now?" one wrote, Another commented, "I couldn't hear a word of what Rick Scott was saying over all the shouting from the sign language translator." Even rapper Missy Elliot praised the unidentified man's skills. "I can't help but watch how he interprets this & with so much sauce," she tweeted. The New York Post notes that using dramatic facial expressions is considered to be the "grammar" of ASL and indicates the tone and severity of what is being said.

Christa Cooper


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