Your Favorite Color Can Help Determine Your Perfect Job

Can Your Favorite Color Determine Your Perfect Job? The "Dewey Color System" Looks at Color Instead of Questions for Its Personality Assessment.

  • If you prefer: yellow, purple and white: You're the communicator. You create profitable perspectives -- how to break into new accounts or be heard by other employees. By simply identifying a client's point of view, you develop strategies that open doors, even if they had already been shut. Your excellent communication skills can create problem-solving forums. Careers in corporate communications, marketing or religious occupations work best.
  • If you prefer: red, green and black: You're the investor. You know the value of money and resources, as well as the intrinsic worth of each co-worker's contributions. Your supportive, yet analytical personality works best in finance, accounting, banking, manufacturing, property management, production analysis, investment, money management, consulting, product sales or teaching.
  • If you prefer: blue, orange and brown: You're the activist. Your strong community beliefs and no-nonsense approach improves services for those around you. Occupations where you can improve existing specifications or impact social values work best for you. Consider careers in engineering, building, or developing new programs, companies or products. Also consider law enforcement, firefighting, social or government work.


Christa Cooper


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