Moscow Mules Might Be Slowly Poisoning Us?

Moscow mules are one of the trendiest drinks of the past few years, and part of the appeal is because they come in those sweet COPPER MUGS.  Which is one of my favorite parts :) 

Unfortunately, they might be KILLING YOU.

According to Iowa's Alcoholic Beverages Division, you're really not supposed to have copper come in contact with acidic food or drinks . . . and Moscow mules are definitely acidic.

That means it can absorb just a little of the copper in the mug and pass it along to you.  So if you drink them enough, you could wind up with copper poisoning . . . and that can cause fatigue, fainting, and depression.

So you should probably think about limiting how many Moscow mules you drink . . . or if you've gotta have them, drink them out of regular glasses once in a while.  


Christa Cooper


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