Meet the New iPhone 8


I am not typically one to jump on the brand new version of pretty much ANYTHING! I am so bad with my iPhone too, I admit.  My timing is never right ... so I'll be a year behind everyone else who got the "new" one.  But to keep up with technology I tried to stay ahead of myself and look into the new iPhone 8, only took me to their 10th Anniversary to get ahead, right? I found this video (above) of the closest look so far at the new iPhone 8, which is rumored to be called the iPhone X. So now I am just anxious to find out what they name it! It's said to have wireless charging, a SmartCam, an edge-to-edge display and NO home button! Looking forward to seeing how it works - I know my brother will be one of the first to get one! CLICK HERE to learn more on what to expect with the iPhone 8. 

Christa Cooper


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