Nashville's Next: Roman Alexander

Roman Alexander

Roman Alexander

The pride of Parksville Missouri is the guest on this edition of Nashville's Next. Roman Alexander has seen an immense amount of success off the recent release of his debut EP, Between You and Me. The Cocktail Conversations singer shares the story behind passionately piecing his work together, in preparation of a very busy March. On March 3rd, Roman will be debuting a lyric video for his hit single Cocktail Conversations, a sultry slow romantic song detailing the uniquely personal connections made over a drink at the bar. The success of this single and his EP's title track song lead the young country crooner to being named on the short list of Spotify's Hot Country Artists to Watch in 2021! Our eyes are certainly locked on Roman as we anticipate the release of an acoustic take to his EP, later this month. The acoustic flavor is something both Roman and Benny deeply and passionately enjoy, as the stripped down and bluntly raw talent of an artist shines through an unfiltered acoustic track, revealing the artist at their most vulnerable and open state.

Beyond music, we learn of Roman's passion for golf and documentaries, as he and Benny chat about one of their favorite hobbies and the future of Golf's biggest star, Tiger Woods, following the shocking car accident that left the legendary golfer with 2 broken legs. The two also talk Tiger King......we promise its brief! Perhaps more relevant is their interest in the hit new Brittney Spears documentary. Roman reflects on growing up and watching the pop icon and how things would have played out drastically different today.

As the two new found friends wind down this exciting Nashville's Next podcast, we learn more about Roman during a fun and fulfilling round of the always entertaining 5 Quick Questions. Country's rising star divulges his biggest pet peeve, while simultaneously granting us a glimpse into dating as a music star! Further Roman and Benny share their first ever concert experiences, which leaves Roman nearly speechless. Finally, the two launch their conversation out of this world, when Roman and Benny explore their beliefs in life beyond our own. Thats right, these two discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life! Have aliens visited us? What do they look like? Where are they from? Why are you still reading this?

Listen to this edition of Nashville's Next, with country's next breakout star, Roman Alexander!