Top 10 Signs You Got a Bad Night's Sleep!

A recent study says in the average month we only get about a weeks worth of good sleep.

We also spend five hours of the day being tired and drop about $52 on caffeinated drinks like coffee and energy drinks to stay awake. We're also late around five times a month due to a bad nights sleep.

Here are the top signs you did not get a good nights sleep...

1. Yawning all morning.

2. Your productivity slips.

3. You're in a bad mood all day.

4. You hit snooze more than once.

5. You sleep through the alarm.

6. You have trouble focusing.

7. You get headaches.

8. You skip part of your morning routine.

9. You don't look your best.

10. You can't keep your eyes open. 

Anthony Moore


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