Are Long-Term Relationships Bad for the Waistline???

It’s fairly common for people to let themselves go a bit, or occasionally skip the gym, once they find themselves in a satisfying, committed relationship. Now, a new survey of 2,000 Americans currently in a relationship finds that 79% say they have gained weight since they started dating their significant other.

Commissioned by the weight-loss company Jenny Craig, the survey reveals that the average respondent has gained astartling 36 poundssince their relationship began. Breaking down the weight gain further, the survey indicated that 17 of those extra pounds were gained in the first year of a relationship.

Men were far more likely to have gained weight during a romantic relationship than women. In total, 69% of men said they gained weight, while 45% of women said the same.........(Click the Link for the Rest of the Article)

Source: StudyFinds.Org

Anthony Moore


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