There are some incredibly dumb people in the world today!!

This woman is probably not going to win any mother of the year awards with the local PTA. Jennifer Yeager is a 49-year-old mom from Dixon, Illinois and earlier this week, she and her two daughters drove to a friend's house to blow up their inflatable pool. After a day of fun in the sun, it was time to take the pool home with them. So mom planned to keep the pool secure to the roof of her car and to guarantee it wouldn't fly off, she sat her daughters inside the pool while it was on the roof. Someone spotted Jennifer driving with the two kids sitting in the pool and called the cops. They pulled Jennifer over and she was arrested on two counts of child endangerment, two counts of reckless conduct, and one count of failure to secure a passenger between age 8 and 16. No word on if the pool stayed secured to the roof. 

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Source: WREX.COM

Anthony Moore


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