Old Dominion Observed 'National Rum Day' In The Best Way

Photo: Getty Images

Old Dominion observed National Rum Day in the best way… Now, fans are begging them to release their next single. The “I Was On A Boat That Day” band marked the day dedicated to rum (Tuesday, August 16) by sharing a snippet of an unreleased song, “Easier Said With Rum.” Old Dominion couldn’t resist sharing “a sneak peek of some new music to celebrate.”

The brief audio clip garnered hundreds of responses from social media followers, eager for more details: “When is it coming out. I already love it. WOW!!❤️❤️❤️❤️,” “YES 👏 CANT WAIT,” “Love this new song!!! Can’t wait to hear all of it ❤️🔥❤️,” and “Send it! 🔥 we need this song in our lives right now,” to name a few.

Old Dominion didn’t reveal a release date of their next song as of publication time on Wednesday (August 17). Still, fans are loving the music they already know. One Instagram user shared that they watched Old Dominion perform as one of the acts on Kenny Chesney’s headlining “Here and Now Tour,” and that show prompted “a deep dive on your music.” The band has released tons of hit songs over the years, including “One Man Band,” which they recently shared sounded different on the original version. They also recently marked five years since releasing another one of their biggest hits, “Written in the Sand.”

Most recently, Old Dominion released their 13-track project, Time, Tequila & Therapy, with an exclusive iHeartCountry Album Release Party last year. Listen to the teaser of “Easier Said With Rum” here:

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