Pictures of Santa's House On The North Pole

Santa Claus in His Sleigh at North Pole

Photo: Getty Images

In this market, you'd think a home like this would be worth even more. But I guess it's a LITTLE out of the way: Zillow says Santa's house at the North Pole . . . including his workshop . . . is now worth over $1 MILLION.

The current value is $1,031,401. That's up 19% from a year earlier, when it was worth around $870,000. They even posted photos of the property on, and somehow managed to get a bunch of details we didn't know.

The main house is only 2,500 square feet . . . it was built in 1822 . . . it went through a remodel in 2013 . . . and has three bedrooms. But the 25-acre property also has a big workshop, reindeer stables, a garage for his big red sleigh . . . and a bunch of "tiny houses" where Santa's elves apparently live. 

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