The Best and Worst States to Move to If You Work from Home

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Moving for a new job used to be a thing, and still is. But now that working from home is an option, will the new trend be moving wherever you WANT?

CNBC just ranked the best states for businesses, and the top three are Virginia, North Carolina, and Utah. But they also looked at the best states to move to if you work from home.

The CHEAPEST states overall are Mississippi, Kansas, and Oklahoma. But the work-from-home list also factored in broadband access, home prices, tax rates, and a few other things.

So what's the best state to live in if you work remotely? NORTH DAKOTA.

The top ten are: North Dakota . . . Nebraska . . . Minnesota . . . Colorado . . . Kansas . . . Idaho . . . Iowa . . . Tennessee . . . Washington . . . and Illinois.

The WORST state to live in if you work from home is California. It's also the third most expensive overall, behind Hawaii and New York.

The five worst states for remote work are: California . . . Maine . . . Louisiana . . . Wisconsin . . . and Mississippi.

Source: CNBC

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