1/3 Of Workers Would Look For A New Job If Forced Back To The Office

Thanks to the COVID vaccines there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel with the pandemic, which means folks may start heading back to the office soon. But it turns out, a lot of workers aren’t really ready to return.

A new Robert Half poll finds:

34% of people who’ve been working remotely due to the pandemic say they’d look for a new job if they had to go back in the office full time.

When it comes to the most desired work arrangement:

49% of workers say they’d prefer a hybrid work arrangement that would allow them to divide their time between home and the office.

26% would prefer to be fully remote.

25% want to be in the office full time.

As or why many employees don’t want to be fully remote, folks say:

Relationships with coworkers could suffer (28%)

Decreased productivity while at home (26%)

Fewer career advancement opportunities due to a lack of visibility (20%)

But there are some things that could entice workers back to the office. Professionals say their office could show them support by:

Giving them freedom to set preferred office hours

Offering a personal, distraction-free workspace

Offering employer-paid commuting costs

Relaxing the office dress code

Offering employer-provided childcare

Source: Robert Half