#TryItTuesday w/ The Delaware Department of Correction


It's another Try It Tuesday! This week I was put through the challenge with the Delaware Department of Correction! They had me try the pre-employment fitness test ... WHEW! I have been working out a lot over the past year and feeling pretty good, but I was super nervous about this one. This is the step after the paper application if you were looking for a job with the DOC, and you have to complete the course in 3 minutes or less. If you pass, you enter the academy, go through the 12 week training and to graduate you'd have to complete this in 2:30 or less! If you don't pass the first time, you have to wait 6 months to try again. Pretty cool experience I must say! Wondering if I passed? You have to watch the video (above) to find out!

They have a Correctional Career Information Night this Thursday, January 16th from 5-7pm at their Administration Building located at 245 McKee Road in Dover. If you are interested in a career with the DOC but have a few questions, this is a great night to stop in and learn more!

Interested in learning more about the Delaware Department of Correction? Go to www.DOC.Delaware.gov or find them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube ... just search Delaware Department of Correction.

Thanks to Sgt. Dial and the team for having some fun with me!

Try It Tuesday with the DOC


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