A Stop For Dog Snacks Leads To $10M Lottery Win

A quick trip to the convenience store for dog snacks has made a Fort Edward, New York man a whole lot richer. Dale Farrand says he went in to get some Slim Jims for his dog, Boots, and picked up a $30 scratch-off ticket for himself and that turned out to be a really, really good purchase.

After scratching the ticket in his car, Farrand realized he was a winner. The 73-year-old says he drove straight home so his wife could check the ticket for him and confirm his good fortune.

According to New York Lottery officials, Farrand won the $10-million prize and he’ll take home a lump-sum payment of $6.7-million after taxes. While he could be living large now, he says he plans to pay off his mortgage, make some home improvements and help his children and grandchildren as well.

Source: NBC 25 News


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