Swallowing Needles May Be The New Way Of Getting Shots


Here's some good news and bad news.  The good news:  There's a startup in Silicon Valley that's about to start testing a solution for everyone who HATES getting shots at the doctor.

The bad news:  Their solution involves you SWALLOWING the needles instead.

The company is called Rani Therapeutics.  And they've created a capsule with a tiny needle inside that you swallow . . . it travels through your system . . . and then it finally cracks open in your intestines and jabs you with the dose of medicine.

They say the shot doesn't hurt, because your intestines don't have pain receptors like your skin does, so you won't feel a thing.

And after you get the shot, the needle breaks down and your body flushes it out.  

Anyway, the company says their swallowable needles are ready to start clinical testing now . . . so maybe, in a few years, that's how we'll all be getting our injections. 

(USA Today)


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