KFC Is Giving Away Colonel Sanders Pool Floats


KFC has come out with some interesting non-food products this year, like their finger-licking good bath bombs, sunscreen, and Christmas ornaments. And now the chicken chain is back with another thing no one needs, but many will want: a Colonel Sanders pool float.

Sure, KFC could’ve gotten in the pool floatie game with a drumstick or a biscuit float, but this is KFC we’re talking about, so they went life-size Sanders here. But if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll need luck on your side. These floaties aren’t for sale, the company is giving a few hundred of them away for free, you can enter to win here.

The Colonel float may look familiar, it’s the same one in the most recent KFC commercial featuring George Hamilton lounging in the ocean. The pool toy giveaway is going on now and lasts through June 22nd, and they even claim your floatie will ship before the July 4th weekend.

Source: Delish


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