Season Finale American Idol Is A Good One


“Idol” had not one, but two big announcements tonight. Not only would they be crowning the next American Idol, but they’d be unveiling the show’s latest couple. That’s right Caleb and Maddie announced - well, really Caleb announced - that the two are in fact dating and performed their final song on the show together, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the awestruck audience. Not only did we have to cope with the adorable news, but we had to listen to their heartfelt duet. And later, we found out that the show is sending them to Hawaii.

Finally there was a winner. America voted and decided that Maddie is the next American Idol. She sang her single “Going, Going, Gone” with help of her fellow “Idol” contestants and new boo Caleb. 

Congratulations, Maddie!



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