Beef and Beer on the Bay

Little Creek Volunteer Fire Company  · 

If there's a better way to start out 2019 than with beef and beer..We don't wanna know! Little Creek Fire presents Beef and Beer on the Bay! That's right! It's our turn to put on a party that features two of the best food groups known to man, Beef..Beer. Doesn't get any better. We're gonna have different cuts of beef, cooked multiple ways, also with different types of sauces. 

Don't forget the beer. Let's sweeten the deal that much more, UNLIMITED BEEF AND BEER! Pay your one time in and have a blast as we have an old school party with music and everything. 21 years old and up! $30 per person/ $50 per couple

 PRESALES while supplies last. $35 per person at the door. We'll have select beer and wine for sale. Join your favorite Fire Events Team for the first of many parties in 2019


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