A lot of people have been wondering how my pregnancy is going and how big I am getting, so I thought I would share a picture! I am 25 weeks along and feeling pretty good! Aside from being tired here and there, I have been lucky with not much morning sickness.  I guess the past couple weeks I have been dealing with some "growing pains" but still bearable! I went to the doctor yesterday for our monthly check-up and the doctor said we have "an active little one in there" which is not surprising! She may take after her mom ... always on the go! But lately, it has been exciting to feel her move, she has quite a few dance parties a day in there :) It's the best feeling in the world! But all went great at the doc yesterday! Overall, my pregnancy has been quite enjoyable,  I just can't wait to meet "Mini Cooper!" I'll continue to keep you posted! Thanks for all the support! It means the world to us. xx Christa