So this is so cool! Through the radio station I was able to meet Natalie who runs Aphrodite's Oysters and has weekly LIVE pearl parties on her Facebook Page! She stopped by the studio last week to show me how it works and I am obsessed! I LOVE pearls!! You start by visiting her website ( and pre-ordering either one oyster or a tray of oysters that you want opened during her party! Then you pick which party time works for you :) She does them a 4 times a week! When she opens your osyer(s) during the live video, you get the pearl inside! What's exciting is it's a surprise for everyone to see what color pearl it is! Then on her site you can choose jewelry to have the pearl(s) set in! SO much fun and beautiful! 

During my experience, she opened 2 oysters - then I got to open one! And I got two purple-ish pearls and a black one! Simply beautiful! Then I got a beautiful silver necklace to put the pearl in and wear! LOVE this! 

Easiest way to learn more is visit her website:

LIKE her on Facebook:

Call #250 on your phone - when prompted to say a keyword, say "Pearl Party"