Good Morning! It's the day after my first hair appointment at Currie on the Riverfront.  I have heard such great things about the salon, so I knew I would enjoy it! I walked right in and met my new stylist Melissa and knew within seconds this was going to be great! She was so bubbly and sweet! She walked me to the dressing room where I was able to put my purse in a locker and suit up in a smock for my color and haircut! What a great idea, to have lockers and dressing rooms!

We then get to where I was going to have my color done and instead of sitting in a chair facing a mirror, it's an open concept, so not only is there more space, but multiple girls could sit around this large area and chat, read magazines or watch tv. Melissa and I talked for a few minutes about the look I was going for and she had some great suggestions (which I went with, since she's the expert!) She talked me through the whole process and was very informative! We ended up going with a dark brown with a hint of red! (oh la la!)   I was excited for a newer look although nothing too too wild! Melissa was just fantastic! 

On to the haircut ... I didn't want too much of a change, so she trimmed the dead ends and shaped the hair around my face and instead of the norm for me, just straight hair, she curled it!!!! I will admit I don't even own a curling iron! I have never been good at curling my hair, but she of course made it look beautiful and taught me some tricks :) It was such a great experience! 

I am so happy with the results and can't wait to go back right before Mini Cooper is born to freshen up my look! I highly recommend Currie Salon to all of you!


Find them at or give them a call 302-777-7755