So, this is exciting! You may have heard my partner Sky on the air talking about his dentist, Dr. Anna Marie Mazoch ... well after hearing the great things about her practice I knew I had to get over there myself! On that note, I am excited to say I have my first cleaning with Dr. Anna Marie Mazoch on April 29th! She has already expressed the importance of healthy teeth and gums during pregnancy so I know I am in good hands! I haven't had a cleaning throughout my pregnancy yet, so I am excited to get in for my cleaning.  If you are pregnant, CLICK HERE to find out about healthy teeth during pregnancy. I'll give you an update after my appointment!

Something else REALLY exciting is Paul and I are going to get teeth whitening before the wedding with Dr. Anna Marie Mazoch! Oh my goodness ... I can't wait! More on that soon :)

Remember, April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and it is a very dangerous disease and can be detected early with screenings by a qualified dental professional ... so ... Dr. Mazoch is offering FREE Oral Cancer Screenings at her office this Saturday, April 19th from 10a-12pm! No appointment is necessary ... Please consider stopping by for a screening! 

I will continue to update you on my appointments as they happen but wanted to share the excitement and information with you! 

Visit or give her a call today at 302-998-9594